1. So today was a good run, I have probably bashed out one a week for the last month or so, mainly for lack of time, lack of motivation and the cold.

    It was a good run because yes, it’s nearly freezing out there, but the sun was out, so my legs got an airing after being cooped up in jeans for god knows how long. It was also good because even after not running as often I would like, I’m still bashing out a sub-10 minute mile.

    In the other hand I am technically asthmatic, though my mother wouldn’t let me have an inhaler as a child, so when the cold air is about my lungs set on fire and breathing is very difficult, so that was a mildly uncomfortable run and now my chest feels like it has sandpaper in it. To counter this I have bought a neck warmer, which covers my mouth, but I daren’t use it just yet, I’m going to wait until it gets colder, stiff upper lip and what not.

    I have a presentation on the lungs this afternoon, my first run through left me with a minute to spare, my second left me with 3, hopefully I’ll find a comfortable medium during the real deal.


    6th December 2013

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  4. loose-tooth said: Your legs are mighty impressive but you are a nutter. I run in tights, shorts, compression top, tech tee, long sleeve shirt, jumper, hat & gloves. I realise I am a wuss but come on? Shorts and t-shirt? Did you forget your kit? Is it punishment?
  5. beyondconsulting said: You ran. In 3 degrees. In shorts.
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