England V France,

Lovely Start, Hello Farrell Junior. ;P

If France beat England I’m going to throw a hissy fit.

Game wise: Straight out. really? Courtney Lawes! I bash on about this guy, but I like him. I think he should be about more often. 3 points!!!! WOOOOOO. France have a penalty big woop, we’re only 5 minutes in..

The English have arrived: SWINGGGG LOOWWWW SWEEETTT CHARIOOTTTT!!! Push PUSH. Oh dear lord, DOES ANY ONE HERE KNOW HOW TO SCRUM??? Even I can do a better job and that’s based on a 6 minute stint on the second row. OWEN stop fighting. you’re only a baba, Manu’s hurt (I’ll kiss it better dear) THAT WAS OUT FRANCE. Has the bar been open since the crack of dawn or are we having a sing off? We’re very vocal today from both sides of the Channel.


I got a little excited there, some one pulled Owen’s shorts down. (Oh aye) Why is he being a crybaby? This isn’t football. get up, there are men on this pitch. RUN MANU NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I’d be pissed off too Owen. I’d be pissed off too.HOW. HOW. HOW. PUT HIM ON THE FLAMING GROUND. NO.


I shall admit that it was a good try. That’s all you’re getting, I like to point out the oppositions good points, but this is France and beating France is engraved into every Englishmen’s heart. Ohh France missed the penalty… oh noooooo :) 

Second Half: Ok we’re on the right side, lets keep it there. Or not, I mean it’s fine we can just score in our own half. HAHAHAHA BACK IN FRONT. Now show me some trys!! Take it! RUN BEN RUN. :( MANUUUUU RUUUNNNN

OHHHHHH YEESSSSSSS Bananananaa BanananaaNabababa Naananan Bananana


Play onnnn. What’s this? Owen? No baby Owen is injured, TOBIAS FLOOD WHERE ART THOU? PUT PICO ON THE FLOORR. Thank you.TOM DARLING you’re back!  Robshawwww, Come on ENGLAND, put the French back in their half. Why did you kick that Care? I don’t understand? Ah who cares, WE’VE WON THISSS….


Man wise: The usual suspects, the Farrells and their excellent gene pool. Mr Robshaw and his excellent face. Mr Barritt, gosh you’re lovely. MANU TUILAGI YOU MAN MOUNTAIN YOU, I wish I could find a man with those legs. I really do. France number 2, I don’t know your name, but I do know that I would like to be introduced to your thighs (It’s Kayser? I’ll call him unf, it’s about the same). Dylan Hartley, you my dear have grown on me. I’m not complaining, I’ve always had a thing for the odd Hooker. Dear France, I was looking through your players, who is Alexandre Lapandry and where can I get one? That face is beyond perfect! TOM YOUNGS, so much meat, so little time. I blame Tumblr for promoting my usually “closet” perv.

Now to watch the Women. Come on ladies!!!

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