1. Dear GRRM,

    This is my second letter to you, and quite frankly I’m appalled I haven’t done more, but when I saw “Written by GRRM” at the beginning of the episode my heart did a little skip and a jump, and my god, watching you murder people is infinitely more satisfying than reading it.

    Hope that the next book will come rather quickly (HURRY THE HELL UP) and that the next big death and the last one that we know of (Which I am still majorly pissed off about, you have no idea) is done with just as much gusto and just. ohhh man. 


  2. A rather modest 3 miler today. windy on the way there, hill was murder, nothing to report.

    To all those running the London Marathon today, hats off to you, well done and take it in, you are now marathoners, some of us can only aspire to be where you are right now :)

    13th April 2014

  3. Yesterday was a good day, once I got off the train.

    Turns out it was the first Race Day of the year, and I got on the train with the rabble of middle-aged ladies with too much make-up and perfume on, who were slowly drinking themselves into a coma before lunch. I was hoping to do some revision on the train, but it was like travelling with a bunch of hyenas.

    Anywho, met up with Emily, discussed recent events on Facebook that quite frankly, you would need a bag of popcorn to witness, because it’s been that good, and spent a hideous amount of money on various things. Top is my new bag, which is my birthday present :D I love it, then there’s my new spectacles, which I have to wear constantly now, but hey, I’ve heard glasses make you look smart so it’s all good :) 


    I also bought a skirt, which I am going to force myself to wear because I am finding myself constantly looking at other girls in nice dresses and outfits and thinking I could wear that and then putting on a pair of jeans. My issue is stupid, it’s not about size or what I would wear, its the fact that in my brain, the only reason you should wear a dress is when the occasion calls for one, you know, a party, an important event. Everyday things don’t require dressing up, that includes skirts, and the only time I willingly wear dresses is in the heat of summer, because I won’t be wearing a coat and people will see it, which is stupid. But at the same time, if I wear something nice to uni it’ll get seen by 10 people for an hour and to my brain, that’s just a waste of an outfit, so I basically wear the same jeans/t-shirt combo on a loop because of this. Why is that an issue, why do I feel like people are judging me if I walked out of the house in something nice? I want to look nice, if I wasn’t so paranoid about skirts flipping up and not being seen by enough people my wardrobe would be a 50s pin-up dream. Instead it’s a teenage boys dream. What annoys me even more is that I don’t give a crap about having no make-up on and running about in shorts and an oversized t-shirt looking like a beached whale with sunstroke but I get embarrassed to make myself look nice. How does that even work???

    Good grief that was deep.

    I’m going to go for a run, because I slept through my alarm yesterday and woke up when parkrun started so I’ve missed my 5k, then do some revision, and catch up on the Chiefs V Rebels game from yesterday, COME ON CHIEFS

    I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, where ever you are, I’ve had a good one, it’s nice to see friends for retail therapy and food, especially when you don’t see them as often as you’d like.

    12th April 2014


  4. Pile of good things.

    1. I’m going to York tomorrow to see Emily, may get upset vis a vis everyone leaving Britain to go work in places I can’t reach.
    2. I have bought myself a pair of tights with a dotty line up the back and now my legs look hella fine, all I have to do now is change my entire wardrobe to wear them, score.
    3. My cells have grown and I get to do my last experiments on Monday, which means I’ll be able to finish my dissertation ready for drafting before the end of the holidays. :D
    4. I have revised and all of my scores are above what they should be for this stage in the game, ahead of schedule, for now.
    5. I made risotto for tea, first time, and it tasted quite nice, may have to use more stock though.

    I hope you’re all well, I’m going to spend the evening revising and drooling over various men in furs/fist pumping the air every time the women get all “look here missy”, they really do run the show. I’m a fan of Lagertha and Siggy ATM, this princess needs to grow a pair because “ohh I had to sleep in a barn with the servants” just doesn’t cut it with me.

    11th April 2014

  5. Gosh darn it I have missed long runs.

    I have also never wanted a bottle of water so much in my entire life. It looked nice but breezy outside, turns out it was just plain HOT. 14 is the new 25 degrees.

    I have re-kindled my love for the compression tops, ladies may understand this more, because a sports bra only gives so much anti bounce, and that’s ok, normally, but painful boobs and running? Heck no, do not want, stop. These tops are wonderful as they pin everything down and don’t put too much pressure on your chest so it’s constantly painful.Thank the lord for compression tops.

    But, first 5 miler before the race, I think I’ll be fine on the day, I’m not going for a time, just to get round. Records are to be broken later in the year.

    Today I have spent setting up computers and researching changes after death, decomposition is a strange topic. I hate rest days from work, I’ve done nearly three hours and that’s half of my usual, so now I feel as though I’m not doing enough.


    I get to finish my dissertation on Monday JOY UNBOUND, thank god!!!!!!!!!!

    ahhh, happy days.

    10th April 2014

  6. Today has been a dull day, well, I went to the opticians this morning, my eyes are hurting and my vision has gotten worse in the space of 10 months, so I’ve been and I was right, my left eye has gotten worse. He also explained my stigmatism to me in Lay-mans, I have rugby shaped eyeballs. :D well, not a great thing but hey I’d rather they were rugby balls than footballs, is all :) I have to wear glasses all the time now, so my eyebrow game is going to have to seriously improve now. I bought a new Eyebrow pencil, so now I have French eybrows, or sourcils as Bourjois calls them.

    So yeah new glasses, I’ll model them on Saturday When I pick them up, I got some normal glasses and some sunnies.

    I’ve been revising all afternoon, and I have seen some improvement and also I managed to forget half of one subject in a week, lets not linger on that. Anyway, during my breaks I painted my nails, and that’s all I have to show for my day.

    Bit boring, but this degree ain’t going to get itself.

    9th April 2014

  7. I’m feeling very nostalgic today, so instead of the Pitch Perfect album I’m going backwards, god, nearly ten years now, to when I discovered this lot.

    Slipknot was the first, everyone knows Duality, and Dead Memories continues to be my of my favourite songs. Next came Deathstars, which are just ridiculous, I heard Cyanide and had to hear everything else. Killswitch Engage on the other hand, my god that man has a beautiful voice. 

    I used to be very different to how I am now, I dress more like a lady and less like a pirate on magic mushrooms, and I listen to dance/hip hop/rap now, so I like to think that musically, I have rounded out nicely. My Itunes library is a journey though, I’ll give you that. (Ignore the Aqua album, 2003 was a bad year)

    I should do some more work….

    9th April 2014


  8. Game of Thrones (no spoilers!)

    Myself and mother bear have read all the books, so we haven’t been watching, but we thought we’d drop in and see how things are in Westeros atm.

    It took half an hour to bring dad up to speed with the bare bones of it all, all he knows is that Sean Bean died.

    half an hour, if that doesn’t sum up what a great story it is I don’t know what does.

    Also, dragons, lannisters, BRIENNE OF TARTH, fucking Joffery, Jon Snow knows more than he did before and DRAGONS.

    You guys are getting in real deep now, either save yourselves or buckle up.

    *manic cackling into the distance*

  9. Piece of advice, never take weather forecasts from your dad.

    He said it was “a wee bit nippy outside” so I donned my baselayer and headed out. 

    If that warm breeze is classified as “nippy” then I’d hate to find out what a true “warm breeze” is.

    They call me Sweatsalot, Captain Sweatsalot.

    My hair fell out and was very annoying but hey 9”18’ first mile, my fastest ever, and that’s with a hill halfway in it :)

    Happy Helen.

    7th April 2014

  10. So how many spider diagrams are too many? I hate exams.
    7th April 2014


  11. Stress/Running/University/Hello

    In the last month I have been averaging about 6/7 hours a day doing uni work, and because of this I have made myself ill 3 times. 

    Today is another one of those days. I have a pounding headache, no appetite what-so-ever (which is a major sign because if I’m not hungry, then hell has frozen over).

    Yesterday I missed the parkrun, because I didn’t get to sleep until 2am (no parties, just lying in bed, Wide awake) then woke up as the gun went off. I tried to go for a run today but it only made my head worse, half a mile I’ve ran today. Half a frickin’ mile.

    Going to see if I can sleep this thing off, I’ve done a little bit of work, only 2 hours, and I’ve made an improvement in one topic so it wasn’t a wasted day, but I need to run, I have a 5 miler in 2 weeks and I can’t stop training because of some stupid stress.

    I hope you’ve all had a better weekend than me, I’ve gained quite a lot of new followers lately, so Hi/GutenTag/Bonjour(no)/Hallo and all that jazz, welcome to my brain.

    I’ve been stalking you all, and I am enjoying the mix of  spring cleaning, holidaying, garden digging, shopping extravanganzas, and of course, GAME OF THRONES STARTS TONIGHT!

    I may actually watch this series, I need to know where everyone is up to so I don’t accidentally spoil it, I know more than Jon Snow….



  12. I started Vikings thinking Ragnar was just a fit farmer and I was all:

    now he’s a fit asshole and I’m all:

    I love this show, but I have no idea who I am meant to like, or even if I am meant to like anyone.

    This is what makes it awesome.

    Also it’s nice to see the women taking no shit, they mix things up their own way and I’m all:

  13. First race of the year, apparently we get Easter Eggs in the goody bag, and its on my birthday :).

  14. So.

    Went for a run today, intervals on the hill, and my god my legs are in clip. I did a record breaker on Saturday, 4 miles on Tuesday on legs that I hadn’t recovered yet and then this. I tell you now those were slow intervals (my pace is normally 7” sprinting and 10” running), but it did help that the firemen were out (the hill is next door to the firemen’s training centre, I know, lucky us!). Either way I think I’ve pulled something in my calf and I can’t walk up stairs.

    Onto other things, no spoilers, I have gotten into a habit of avoiding things to do with films I want to see lately, because these days the trailer is pretty much the whole movie. Cap’n did not disappoint, he got his top off, threw some bad guys about and was generally Cap’n Awesome, I enjoyed it, better than the first one me-thinks.

    I have two things about the movie though. 

    Number one: When we found out the identity of the Winter Soldier, dude in the back, nice and loud: “called it!”

    Number two: half of the audience left before the credits had even rolled. THIS IS A MARVEL MOVIE, THE CREDITS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. First-timers, have to be. No other reason because I live for end of credit teasers. No relation to the movie, not in any other movie, and hint at things that may or may not be,


    2nd/3rd April 2014


  15. I’ve made a terrible mistake….

    I started to watch the Vikings.

    I saw it on Lovefilm, and the reviews were all good, so I watched an episode and:

    Odin’s belt, I mean

    This too? that’s just all kinds of lovely, but